What do I get with my purchase?
All products are digital downloads and come in a compressed Zip format. Each Zip file will contain SVG, DXF, JPEG, & PNG files that can be used with most cutting machines and printers. You will receive your download link instantly as soon as your payment processes.

What if I don't receive my download instantly as claimed it should be?
Please double check to make sure your payment has processed. If it has, please also make sure you have typed in your email address correctly. If we, Created Surprises, receives a bounced email, we cannot get ahold of you to send you your files if we don't have the proper email address. If everything is correct, please contact us via messenger and we will sort it out.

How do I upload files to Cricut Design Space?
1. Extract the SVG from your zipped download (double click on a Mac, or right click and select Extract All on a PC), and save it in a convenient location.
2. Open Cricut Design Space, and select the blue 'Create New Project' button, or click File, New.
3. Click the 'Upload Images' button on the left vertical panel.
4. Click the blue 'Upload Image' button on the next screen.
5. Click the blue 'Browse' button, and select the SVG file you have saved.
6. Design Space will automatically name the file based on the file name so the Image Name and Tags section is completely optional. Click the green 'Save Image' button in the bottom right corner.
7. Click the file in the Upload Image window to select it. Your file will show a green check mark when correctly selected. Next click the 'Insert Images' button in the bottom right corner. Your SVG file should now be visible on your canvas.

How do I upload files to Silhouette Studio?
1. Check which version of Studio you have. If you have the free version that came with your machine, this is the Basic Edition, and you must use the DXF file(s). If you have paid to upgrade, you have the Designer Edition, and you must use the SVG file(s).
2. Open Silhouette Studio, and select File, Import, Import to Library from the top menu.
3. Navigate to the location where you saved your files, and select the file.
4. Your Library will open, and Studio will automatically place the file in your My Own Designs folder.
5. Open the file by double clicking the thumbnail image in your Library.
To access the file in the future, select File, Library from the top menu bar. You will see the file in your My Own Designs folder.

Why does my SVG file show up a black blob in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition?
This can happen when you have the program set to merge the layers. Simply right click, and ungroup the image. Then you will be able to access all of the layers and recolor them as needed.

Why do my SVG files show up as ART5 files, and what can I do to fix this?
This can happen when your files become corrupted during the download process, typically because of a slow download speed, or an interruption in the download. Please delete your files and go back to your receipt to download a new set. I recommend ensuring that you don't have too many other items streaming or using up your bandwidth, to ensure as smooth a download as possible. :o)

I don't see my DFX file, but I do see a 3D object. What do I do?
If your computer isn't familiar with DXF files and doesn't have a program that natively opens them, it may designate the file as a 3D Object instead. Not to worry, it is indeed a DXF. Just load it to your cutting software as you normally would.

I don't see my SVG file, but I do see an internet explorer / Safari icon. Is this the SVG file?
Yes. As above, if your computer isn't familiar with the SVG file type and doesn't have a program that natively opens them, it will designate it as an internet file, because it DOES know how to open the image this way (but only the image - it won't actually open as the cutting file). With this in mind, never just double click on your file to open it in your cutting program - you must actually go into your cutting software and open the file that way. See above for exactly how to do so in your software type.

Do you have a Return Policy?
Due to the nature of my digital products, no refunds will be given once it has been downloaded. If you experience a problem with any file purchased from Created Surprises, please contact me and we can come up with a solution or if necessary I will replace it with an updated file. Please know that your complete satisfaction is my number one priority. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or questions about your order.

I strive for 100% satisfaction. I will gladly replace an item that is damaged in transit but no refunds can be given on custom orders. (Exceptions may arise, so please send me a note if you're unhappy with your order for any reason!)